110+ Finger Tattoos | Ideas, Meaning & Finger Tattoo Designs

100+ Finger Tattoos | Ideas, Meaning & Finger Tattoo Designs

Finger tattoo designs can be very fun to design. Some may use the fingers or knuckles for sending a short saying, and someone else may send a funny image. There are hundreds of knuckle and finger tattoo ideas out there to look at, but for a good result, make sure the finger tattoo means something to you. Due to the small area of skin, you will find a small stand-alone tattoo on each finger is most common, but you can use all the fingers on a hand for a themed tattoo. We will discuss some finger tattoo designs here to help you design your finger tattoo.

Small Finger Tattoos

There is no sign of slowing down the popularity of tiny tattoos. If you are looking for a subtle tattoo, a small finger tattoo might be the perfect tattoo for you. Small symbols, initials, and shapes are all popular options and are small enough that you won’t have to worry about covering them. A small tattoo can be just as meaningful as a large piece, and it is always visible to you.

Cute Finger Tattoos

When it comes to finger tattoos, simplicity is usually the best option. Cute finger tattoos come in many shapes and sizes – from fruit to candy, moon to names! The possibilities are endless. If you want a cute finger tattoo, choose a character or theme your like, then find an artist with an adorable and unique tattoo style.

Inner Finger Tattoos

Inner finger tattoos are among the most discreet types of inking. The tattoo will only be visible if someone else looks at your open palm, making it ideal for those who want to keep their body art private. Because of this, it’s the perfect place for a small, meaningful design, like an initial or symbol. Additionally, tattoos in this area are less painful than those on the outer fingers since there is more muscle and fat to cushion the bones and nerves.

Side Finger Tattoos

The side finger tattoos are a great subtle option since you can not see them unless you move your fingers. For side finger tattoo designs, many people choose secret messages, mantras, or single letters. They are also popular among couples, as you can only read the messages when the pair hold hands.

Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring finger tattoos are a beautiful way to show your love and commitment to your partner. These tattoos are popular among couples considering getting married, and they can be a great alternative to an actual wedding ring since they cannot be lost or stolen. In addition, wedding ring tattoos are also ideal for people who are unable to wear their wedding rings at work due to safety concerns. In ancient Rome, people believed that the ring finger contained the ‘vein of love,’ which runs directly to the heart, making this tattoo remarkably romantic and meaningful.

Heart Finger Tattoos

The heart is a symbol of life, health, affection, passion, and love. People believed that the heart was the residing place of the mind and soul for many thousands of years.

Heart tattoos have always been depicted with the heart symbol that doesn’t even look like a real human heart. The origin of the heart symbol is a subject of much debate. No one knows the truth for sure, and there are many interesting theories out there. But there is no doubt that the heart symbolizes love, and what better sentiment to get inked on your body forever?

Rose Finger Tattoos

There is no denying that rose tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs of all time, and they look great on your finger. Despite their sweet scent, roses have both petals and thorns, representing the beauty and pain of life. People often get rose tattoos to pay tribute to their loved ones as they symbolize love and passion.

Snake Tattoos

If you are looking to make a statement or just want to grab the attention when you’re at a party or in a crowd, then snake tattoos are for you. Snakes are most often seen in evil or menacing stance, coiled and ready to strike. Usually, the meanings that are popular with men and women are power, darkness, and authority.

Snakes are also seen with a positive meaning like power, authority, wisdom, protection, balance, creativity, fertility, transformation and life cycle, giving snake tattoos plenty of versatility.

Finger Tattoos with Words

Long and straight fingers are ideal for word tattoos. Meaningful words are a pure way to express what is most important to you. You can also use your finger tattoo to spell out a special quote or to hide a secret message for a special person to read. No matter what you choose, the word tattoo on your finger will make a powerful statement.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo designs are one of the most popular choices of tattoo for women. They not only encapsulate beauty and grace, but they also have symbolic meanings.

The meaning behind a butterfly tattoo can be different for different people. However, the metamorphosis of the butterfly, or moth, from crawling insect to an amazing flying creature of grace and beauty, can be incredibly inspirational. Butterfly tattoos also represent transformation, freedom, and beauty.

Vine Tattoos

Not only do Vine tattoos look great, but tattoo artists say it is a fun design for them also. Vine Tattoos look very good in a single vine with leaf designs or multiple vine leaf patterns wandering around the finger. The versatility of the vine as a tattoo is exceptional. They can be draped, wound, and works well in a vine band. Vine tattoos are popular with both men and women. For women, they show well with flowers and butterflies. For men, they are often seen with thorns.

Wave Tattoos

Do you love the ocean, water, and adventures? Then a cool wave tattoo will be perfect for you to show your passion for them. The fluid and straightforward lines of a wave tattoo look beautiful on the finger.

The sound of waves breaking against the sand is very calming and therapeutic. Wave can be calm or aggressive, just like human emotions. A simple wave tattoo can carry the most profound meanings. People get wave tattoos because they feel a strong connection with the ocean.

Infinity Tattoos

Infinity tattoos had a surge in popularity over recent years. It is in the shape of a sideways figure eight and symbolizes the eternal, cyclical nature of matters. There is no start or end place. Originally it was used as a mathematical symbol, but its instant recognizability ensured it gained widespread understanding automatically lends itself to tattoos.

The simplicity of the infinity symbol makes it popular for both men and women. You can combine other elements such as a name or cross with it. Also popular as a wedding tattoo, it symbolizes the infinite love of the couple.

Anchor Tattoos

There is so much history associated with anchor tattoos. The early Christian sailors used anchor tattoos as a symbol of the cross. In time anchor tattoos were worn by experienced sailors as a rite of passage. In modern times anchor tattoos are seen on sailors for pride in their job and also water lovers to symbolize the love of boating and water sports. Anchor tattoos also have a meaning of stability and strong foundations, which is its real appeal these days with both men and women.

Moon Tattoos

There is something about the moon tattoos that draw both women and men in. Maybe it is the meanings behind the symbol or the aesthetic design. Whatever the reason for people getting moon tattoos, they are continually becoming be very popular. Moon has always played a role in the art of tattooing. Its bold shape looks great when tattooed on fingers.

Diamond Tattoos

Diamond one of the hardest substances on Earth and considered precious for thousands of years. It’s no surprise that diamonds symbolize strength, wealth, beauty, and eternal love. While this glittering gem would look great as a tattoo anywhere, it suits on a finer too. Diamond tattoos are also trendy for engagement tattoo since a diamond ring is the traditional proposal gift.

Dot Tattoos

Dots are one of the simplest and most popular finger tattoo designs. Although dot tattoos are subtle, they also carry a lot of meaning and significance. Often a single dot represents a ‘full stop’ – the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Another popular version of this tattoo is three dots in a row. Previously worn by gang members, it is now associated with living life on your terms. It can also represent the Holy Trinity in a Christian context.

Feather Tattoos

When considering getting a new tattoo, a feather tattoo may not be one of the first things that come to mind – but maybe it should be! Feathers are rich in history, culture, and symbolism. Before you choose the type of feather you might like to get added to your body art collection, consider the different types and what they mean. Feathers tattoos can symbolize thousands of things literally, and it all depends on who you ask. They can mean luck, love, loss, courage, hope, freedom and so much more.

Flame Tattoos

Flame tattoos are becoming increasingly popular because they represent a variety of meanings. The flames can symbolize passion and determination. On the other hand, flames can symbolize destruction, devastation, turning whatever it touches to ashes.

King and Queen Tattoos

The king and queen symbol is one of the most iconic tattoo designs for couples. While you play different roles, this tattoo symbolizes mutual respect and the fact that you complement one another perfectly. As an ideal way to express your love to your other half, king-and-queen finger tattoos look incredibly romantic when you both hold hands.

Name Tattoos on Fingers

Name tattoos have become increasingly popular. When someone significantly impacts your life, getting their name tattooed on your body is something quite meaningful.

You can get a tattoo of anyone’s name; it could be your parents’, your friends’, or a loved one’s. Getting a name tattoo showcases how much you value that person and how you want the world to know about them.

White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos have become very popular in recent years. A white ink tattoo can be of any other tattoo style except that it is drawn in white ink. At first glance, a white ink tattoo can look more like a scar than a tattoo.

The white ink can give the tattoos a completely different look than a regular tattoo. The effectiveness of a white ink tattoo depends a lot on skin colors. White ink tattoos are best for people with darker skin. If you have pale skin, a white ink tattoo will tend to look quite transparent.

Rosary Tattoos

Rosary Tattoos are an interesting design idea for religious people given the history and meaning of the rosary. The wearing of a rosary is considered sacramental or sacred. It is worn to ask Jesus for protection and to stave off the Devil. In Scripture, the right hand is also associated with power, strength, and blessings, so inking a rosary on a finger of the right hand may be particularly meaningful.

One should be respectful in designing rosary tattoos because they hold great significance to those of the Catholic faith and several other versions of the Catholic faith.

More Finger Tattoo Designs

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