40+ Finger Tattoo Designs for the Fashion-Forward and Trendsetters

Getting a tattoo can be a very tough decision to make. This is because you are going to have something permanently on your body and you are not quite sure if this is something you truly want or not.

One simple way to make this decision easier is to get a tiny tattoo. Sometimes, people get tiny tattoos at part of their bodies that no one else will see or know they have a tattoo.

But if you want to get a tattoo but not at a hidden body part, then the finger can be one of the parts to experiment with.

You can get a simple tattoo on your finger. It will be tiny enough to help you get comfortable with having a tattoo and it will also be on a part of your body which isn’t hidden but doesn’t draw a lot of attention.

Below are some finger tattoo designs you can consider. Once you get used to the first one, you can go ahead and get more tattoos.

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