40 Semicolon Tattoo Designs Ideas & Meaning

40 Best Semicolon Tattoo Designs And Their Significance

1. Lifeline Semicolon Tattoo

Lifeline semicolon tattoo designLưu

joerg_mattick Instagram

Suicide is a taboo topic for most people. It is something that people are ashamed to talk about if they are thinking about it. However, for people with mental issues or depression, it may seem like the last resort. This semicolon tattoo promotes the idea that suicide is not, in fact, the last option and that there is more to life. If you feel like you have hit rock bottom, this semicolon tattoo is like a ray of hope that says that there is happiness just on the other side. This heartbeat semicolon tattoo is beautifully placed on the wrist, but you can also get it inked on your finger, shoulder, ribs, or ankle.

2. Suicide Awareness Tattoo

Suicide awareness tattoo designLưu

brielleskyee Instagram

If you look closely, this tattoo screams a story! The semicolon tattoo inked right at next to the blade marks is a gentle reminder that you don’t need to do it again. Just the way a semicolon is added as a connector between two sentences, this tattoo signifies that there is a better life that’s coming your way and you need to hang in there with hope. This is a suicide awareness tattoo that helps, motivates, and tells a story of its own. Some other placement areas could be your finger, wrist, neck, or behind the ear.

Stylecraze Says
It is a representation of strength in the middle of a storm and is also used to raise awareness about several mental health issues like self-harm and addiction.

3. Unique Semicolon Tattoo

Unique semicolon tattoo designLưu

jgomez759 Instagram

Are you someone who loves artistic and elaborate tattoos? If yes, this is a tattoo design that you should definitely check out! It is intricately designed in a way that you can spot blooming roses in the semicolon outline. The blooming roses amidst the semicolon symbolize that you are hoping for survival through your mental health issues. Such an amazing and creative way to design your semicolon tattoo, isn’t it? You can place this tattoo along your back, shoulder, arm, leg, or hips.

4. Project Semicolon Tattoo

Project semicolon tattoo designLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

Project semicolon is all about creating awareness about mental issues, depression, and suicide. This ‘hope’ with semicolon tattoo is so perfect and simple that it encourages you to hope for the next chapter of your life to be better and filled with happiness. It is all about inducing optimistic thoughts and vibes through your tattoo. If you like this tattoo design, you can pick a font of your choice and place it anywhere on your body. This is the plus point of getting a minimalistic tattoo  – you can place it anywhere, be it your neck, wrist, sleeve, upper arm, finger, or shoulder.

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5. Beautiful Semicolon Heart Tattoo

Beautiful semicolon heart tattoo designLưu

nessy_noodles85 Instagram

This is one of the most trending and stunning semicolon tattoo designs! It features a heart with a semicolon forming a part of its outline. Perhaps it is to remind the wearer to remember to love themselves all through their struggles. For people who have gone through depression or extreme struggles in life, a semicolon tattoo is a powerful reminder of how far they have come. This stunning semicolon tattoo design can be placed on your wrist, neck, back, leg, shoulder, or behind your ear.

6. Small Semicolon Tattoo

Small semicolon tattoo designLưu

tattooist_dante Instagram

A semicolon tattoo does not need to have much design to look beautiful because its message already is. This simple and understated semicolon tattoo is the perfect reminder for the wearer and anyone who sees it that their story is not over. Can you believe that something so simple and tiny can hold such a huge message? This is one tattoo that you shouldn’t hesitate to get inked on your body. This small semicolon tattoo can be placed literally anywhere on your body, be it your ankle, finger, neck, shoulder, rib cage, or foot. You can keep it simple with black ink or get it done in a bright color.

7. Cute Lotus Semicolon Tattoo

Cute lotus semicolon tattoo designLưu

coachjolinda Instagram

When it comes to designing a semicolon tattoo, you can do loads to amp it up. Getting the outline of a lotus above the semicolon adds a charm to the entire tattoo. The lotus flower is seen as a symbol of elevating oneself and rising above. This design is a simple outline that looks great inked on the back of your neck. But, you can also rock this tattoo on your back, leg, shoulder, or upper arm.

Stylecraze Says
The lotus semicolon tattoo is a blend of struggle and perfection; for many, it symbolizes triumph over adversity.

8. Suicide Survivor Tattoo

Suicide survivor tattoo designLưu

heatherpilapil Instagram

‘And so I kept living.’ This sentence says it all! If you are a survivor of depression or a suicide attempt, get this tattoo as a symbol of strength. There is no shame or stigma in accepting the mental hardships and struggles you went through. In fact, this tattoo is to honor your willpower and strength that helped you overcome the toughest of storms and survive. This tattoo has a beautiful watercolor splash with the sentence written over it, and the semicolon tattoo remains the highlight of the tattoo. Although this one is inked on the wrist, such designs look great when placed on the neck, hip, leg, or even foot.

9. Pretty Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

Pretty watercolor semicolon tattoo designLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

This pretty color splash semicolon tattoo is a cool variant of the typical design. When the tattoo design is tiny, you can add some spark to it with a splash of color! The watercolor background contrasts the dark ink perfectly and makes it appear more vibrant. It could simply mean that you are ready to lead a colorful life ahead, so don’t give up now. This tattoo is placed on the wrist and is eye-catching tattoo thanks to its stunning colors and the prominent semicolon design. You can also place it on your leg, hip, rib, chest, or neck. This tattoo is definitely light and fun to look at!

10. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Semicolon butterfly tattoo design on wristLưu

tattoosbyandre Instagram

If you observe this semicolon butterfly tattoo closely, you will understand its deep meaning. The left-wing of the butterfly remains black and white, while the right wing is colorful. This clearly signifies that even if you are going through a dark phase right now, there will surely be a tomorrow that’s going to be better. Such a simple way to emphasize the meaning behind the semicolon tattoo, isn’t it? Pick the desired butterfly wing design and get this tattoo on your arm. You can also get it inked on your wrist, shoulder, or foot.

11. ‘Just Breathe’ Semicolon Tattoo

Just breathe semicolon tattoo deignLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

This semicolon tattoo holds the exact essence of what the semicolon movement is all about. This ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo with a semicolon replacing the ‘J’ is a great way to include the cause into a rather minimalistic tattoo. It means that the one who is going through the mental health issues should hold on, breathe, and think through to get past the storm rather than making a hasty decision. This tattoo design can easily be inked on your finger, wrist, shoulder, neck, or behind your ear.

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12. Semicolon Cat Tattoo

Semicolon cat tattoo designLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

A semicolon tattoo with the upper dot forming the outline of a cat’s face is such a cute idea. It could be a tribute to a beloved pet who was by your side in a time of need. However, cats also hold symbolic meaning across many cultures. They are considered to be guardians of the underworld. They can also represent luck, transformation, and a wandering spirit of hope. For these reasons, cats are often combined with a semicolon tattoo. You can get this tattoo inked on your wrist or ankle.

13. Semicolon Tattoo With Heart

Semicolon tattoo design with heartLưu

harriet_amanda_tattoo Instagram

This gorgeous minimalistic tattoo of a semicolon with a heart looks so appealing that we are sure you will be tempted to get it. When you want to support the cause, you can add a touch of your personality to the tattoo, and this tattoo design allows you to customize it the way you want to! Rather than keeping it all black, this semicolon tattoo has a red heart forming the dot on the semicolon. The best place to get this tattoo is on your finger.

14. Semicolon Tattoo With Cross

Semicolon tattoo design with crossLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

People who follow Christianity are survivors of suicide often incorporate the cross into their semicolon tattoo. The cross symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save his followers. It is a way to renew a Christian’s faith in God and to remind them that they are not alone. It tells them to keep the faith as they continue their story – that they will make it through to the end.

15. Semicolon Tattoo With Word

Semicolon tattoo design with wordLưu

philippetattoo Instagram

This is such a beautiful way to signify what the whole semicolon tattoo movement stands for. The word ‘continue’ is split in half with a semicolon inserted in the middle to motivate you to continue living for a better tomorrow. You can pick any other inspirational word that motivates you and get it inked on your body along with a pretty semicolon. You can get it inked on your wrist, finger, shoulder, or neck to keep reminding yourself to hope for the best.

16. Semicolon Tattoo With Butterfly Wings

Semicolon tattoo design with butterfly wingsLưu

ficklewallflower Instagram

This stunning semicolon tattoo with a butterfly wing on one side is an epic example of evolving and transforming into something amazing. Butterflies symbolize transformation when it comes to tattoos. Many people also believe that a butterfly signifies rebirth. For these reasons, many survivors choose to combine it with a semicolon to show their evolution and figurative rebirth. They were once in a depressed and suicidal state and have now come back to life. Placing it on your wrist, neck, foot, or shoulder will be like an everyday reminder of your amazing transformation.

17. Semicolon Tattoo On Finger

Semicolon tattoo design on fingerLưu

helenwheels Instagram

One of the most common places you can get a semicolon tattoo is on your finger. Since the semicolon tattoo has such a poignant meaning, the wearer might prefer to keep it low-key. You can also add some more cute symbols on the rest of your fingers. Fingers are also considered to be the ideal placement for tattoos of commitment and the things about which we are most passionate.

18. Semicolon Tattoo On Wrist

Semicolon tattoo design on wristLưu

mynourish Instagram

Many people opt to have a semicolon tattoo inked on their wrist so they can always look at their tattoo and find strength. It is a gentle reminder of how long you have come from all the pain and suffering. You can place it on the side of your wrist as per your preference.

19. Ampersand And Semicolon Tattoo

Ampersand and semicolon tattoo designLưu

janedevonmusic Instagram

If a simple tattoo definitely works for you then this ampersand with a semicolon tattoo is a great idea. An “and” (&) symbol could be a great partner to your semicolon tattoo, reminding you that you can add more to the sentence. It could mean that there’s more to life and you have to keep continuing! You can place it on your wrist or finger so you can remind yourself not to self-harm.

20. Arrow And Semicolon Tattoo

Arrow and semicolon tattoo designLưu

bliss__tattoos Instagram

This beautiful arrow with a semicolon tattoo looks simple yet extremely striking. It reminds the wearer that their story can take any direction they wish for any time. They just don’t have to give up and strive towards a better phase in life. It means great courage to move forward with your life. It also takes great courage to fight depression, suicide, and self-harm. Arrow tattoos are usually placed along the arm or leg. If you want to jazz up your tattoo, you can add a feather design at the end of the arrow.

21. Depression Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon tattoo design for depressionLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

Depression is one of the biggest mental health issues in the world. Not everyone who sports a semicolon tattoo has considered or attempted suicide in the past. Many people get the semicolon tattoo for their loved ones who may have experienced depression or attempted suicide. This ‘alive’ tattoo with a semicolon is a perfect tattoo for a someone who has overcome or is trying to overcome depression. This one is placed on the foot, but you can also try it out on your wrist, arm, neck, or lower waist.

22. Mental Health Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon tattoo design for mental healthLưu

erintattoos Instagram

So many people are joining the semicolon tattoo movement to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues. This tattoo keeps it a bit light-hearted with the dot of the semicolon adorned with Minnie Mouse ears. The wrist or fingers are the ideal places to get this tattoo design.

23. Feminine Semicolon Tattoo

Feminine semicolon tattoo designLưu

tattoos_by_randyt Instagram

When you are struggling with your mental health, the most common thought people have is that they are broken or not enough. That could not be farther from the truth. This feminine tattoo that reads “I am enough” next to a floral semicolon can be a constant reminder of your worth. After all, you are – even in your darkest times – always enough.

24. Floral Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

Floral watercolor semicolon tattoo designLưu

illta2u Instagram

The soft gradient effect of watercolor tattoosmakes them look like they are still wet on the skin. This watercolor uses negative space to etch out the semicolon. The gorgeous floral design in the background takes this tattoo to a whole new level. You can place this artistic tattoo on your wrist or arm.

25. Hidden Semicolon Tattoo

Hidden semicolon tattoo designLưu

ink_by_ramirez Instagram

There are some survivors who want to honor their fight with mental illness and depression by flaunting a semicolon tattoo. But, there are also people who want to honor their past but aren’t very comfortable sharing their experiences or stories. So, here’s a fancy semicolon tattoo thatyou can get without having to actually flaunt it. Camouflage the semicolon symbol in anelaborate tattoo, and you can have your badge of honor all to yourself! This galaxy-themed feather tattoo is one wayto go. You can get it on your midriff,arm, hip, back, or thigh.

26. Selena Gomez’s Semicolon Tattoo

Selena Gomez semicolon tattoo designLưu

selenagomez Instagram

Selena Gomez has been very open about her struggle with anxiety and depression. The actress got inked with this simple semicolon tattoo design on her wrist as a way to honor victims of suicide. She urged her fans who are going through mental health issuesto not hesitate to ask for help and start a new chapter with the support of others. Selena Gomez truly set an example of breaking the taboo by being open about her depression and mental issues.

27. Lotus Outline Semicolon Tattoo

Lotus outline semicolon tattoo designLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

The semicolon is a symbol of struggle, survival, and victory. It represents someone who wanted to end their life but chose not to. When a semicolon tattoo is merged with a lotus tattoo, you get something that holds great meaning. The lotus flower can grow in muddy waters and still bloom beautifully above the water’s surface. It is seen as a representation of the ability to rise above difficult circumstances and achieve enlightenment. Now that it all makes sense and fits right with the essence of the semicolon movement, you ought to give this tattoo design a thought. Y1ou can place it on your arm, hand, or neck.

28. Flower Semicolon Tattoo

Flower semicolon tattoo designLưu

exzachary99 Instagram

This stunning flower with a semicolon tattoo could be a memorial tattoo for someone you lost to suicide. This tattoo features a bloomed sunflower with semicolons all along one half of the flower. The stem reads, Wish you were here.”This tattoo is something that you can get inked to create awareness about suicide and depression. You can place this tattoo on your arm, thigh, leg, or back.

29. Simple Semicolon Tattoo

Simple semicolon tattoo designLưu

nataliealtamirano Instagram

If elaborate tattoos are not your thing, stick to this simple semicolon tattoo and you won’t regret it. Though this tattoo is minimalistic and simple, it holds great meaning. You don’t have to go all out with structured designs if you wish to keep your tattoo simple. Place it on your neck, wrist, finger, arm, chest, or foot, and it is sure to look equally magnificent.

30. Semicolon Back Tattoo

Semicolon tattoo design on the backLưu

semicolon__tattoos Instagram

People usually get tattoos inked on their wrist or hand so that they are visible. But, getting a tattoo inked on your back will ensure that you flaunt it only when you want to. This simple semicolon tattoo is beautifully inked on the back to symbolize that the wearer does not have to stop and should keep going stronger. Even if you can’t see it often, you know it’s there and silently motivating you to put the past behind (literally) and look forward to something that gives hope and joy.

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31. Matching Semicolon Tattoos

Matching semicolon tattoo designLưu

createdby.ashley Instagram

Getting matching tattoos is a trend these days, and it’s even more amazing if it’s done for a cause like this! If you and your friend lost someone to suicide, you can get these matching semicolon tattoos to commemorate and honor them. This minimalistic semicolon tattoo looks simple and subtle and can be inked anywhere, but the wrist is the best place to get it.

32. Neck Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon tattoo design on the neckLưu

yagottahaveahobby Instagram

Getting a semicolon tattoo on your neck is a great option if you want to hide and flaunt it as per your mood. If you are at work and want to conceal it, just let your hair down to cover it up. When you want to show it off to the world, it gives you an opportunity to try out various updos that can show off your neck tattoo. This tattoo uses a heart as the dot of the semicolon, which makes it look super cute.

33. Your Story Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon tattoo design describing your storyLưu

joshuarichardsontattoos Instagram

“Your story isn’t over.”Such an inspiring and motivating quote that truly holds the essence of a semicolon. This tattoo is to honor those who are fighting depression every single day. If you are a suicide survivor, this could be something you ink on your body with pride in overcoming the rough patch in life. This tattoo is also a gentle reminder and a subtle way of giving you hope that good days are coming your way. You can get this tattoo inked on your wrist, thigh, back, or arm.

34. Quote Semicolon Tattoo

Quotes with semicolon tattoo designLưu

erin_lamoreaux Instagram

Even a simple quote with a semicolon might be all that you need to make a statement about your life or your feelings. This gorgeous semicolon quote tattoo is perfect if you want a tattoo that keeps you going every single day.“This too shall pass” written in a fancy font next to your simple semicolon tattoo makes a big statement. You can get this tattoo on your arm.

35. Semicolon Tattoo Behind The Ear

Semicolon tattoo design behind the earLưu

claire_red_ridley Instagram

Getting tattooed behind your ear is a rising trend now because it’s an unexpected and discreet place that you don’t have to keep flaunting. You can easily show off or disguise your tattoo just by moving your hair. Since the area behind your ear is small, it’s perfect for a subtle design like a semicolon tattoo. However, it is also one of the most painful places to have a tattoo inked as skin behind the ear is extremely tender and sensitive.

36. Simple Semicolon Tattoo On The Wrist

Simple semicolon tattoo design made on the wristLưu

zippyzax Instagram

The side of the wrist is the most common place to get a semicolon tattoo. Though it is a bit of a painful area to get a tattoo, this little piece just takes a few minutes to get inked. The wrist is also the most place to get matching couple or group tattoos.

37. Semicolon Teardrop Tattoo

Teardrop semicolon tattoo designLưu

coringrendontattoo Instagram

This one is yet another memorial tattoo for a loved one that you have lost. Where some people choose to have a teardrop tattoo to signify loss, this semicolon teardrop tattoo is a different and unique choice of design. With an eye and a teardrop forming the semicolon, this beautiful tattoo isalso a bit saddening. You can shrink down the size of this tattoo and place it on your wrist, back, foot, or neck if you don’t want a big tattoo like this on your arm.

38. Stunning Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo

Stunning butterfly semicolon tattoo designLưu

chellebelle624 Instagram

This pretty semicolon and butterfly tattoo holds a lot of meaning. The semicolon serves as the body of the tattoo which means that before you can have a real new beginning, you have to live your life. Everyone deserves a second chance in life and for life. The combination of semicolon and butterflies is highly popular because of the message these two symbols convey. The quote next to this tattoo – “With brave wings she flies” –adds even more meaning to this tattoo. Butterfly tattoos can easily be placed anywhere on your body, and they are sure to look great!

39. Ornate Semicolon Tattoo

Ornate semicolon tattoo designLưu

jesijamestattoo Instagram

Ornate tattoos are for those who have a creative side to their personality and would like to reflect it their tattoo. This waves with a seashell tattoo that is designed in a semicolon shape looks super cute while serving the purpose of awareness. You can get it done in black or colorsto look mesmerizing and appealing. You probably didn’t imagine that something so simple and tiny like a semicolon can be changed into a finely-detailed tattoo with waves and seashells. You can get this stunning tattoo inked on your foot, neck, or wrist for it to look even more charming.

40. Tribal Semicolon Tattoo

Tribal semicolon tattoo designLưu

art_and_soul Instagram

A tribal tattoo can your simple semicolon tattoo into something fun and creative. Tribal semicolon tattoos don’t fail to attract attention. They are original, fresh, and beautiful andhold symbolic value. A mandala is a representation of strength and will power. When this meaningful element is merged with the semicolon design, it adds so much more meaning to the tattoo. You can place this on your shoulder or upper arm as a sign of strength. 

Infographic: 10 Unique Semicolon Tattoo Designs

Ever since Project Semicolon took over the internet, people all over the world have shown their support towards the cause and gotten themselves a semicolon tattoo. While many sport a simple semicolon, those with a creative eye have come up with their own artistic takes on the tattoo designs.

Scroll down for an infographic that highlights some unique semicolon tattoos.

10 unique semicolon tattoo designs (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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