51+ Simple Yet Striking Tattoos And What They Mean

Best Simple Tattoo Designs With Meanings

1. Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo designLưu

nala.tattoo Instagram

Rose tattoos are definitely a crowd favorite if one islooking for simple tattoo designs. You can choose to get it inked in all black, or add a dash of red and pink hues, or do it with a mix of different colors. You can make it even prettier by adding stems and leaves or your favorite quote. This simple rose design can be inked across your wrist, on your shoulder, or the back of the neck.

Fun Fact
Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Noah Cyrus, Vanessa Morgans, and Dua Lipa sport unique rose tattoos.

2. Arrowhead Tattoo Designs

Arrowhead tattoo designLưu

lehn6 Instagram

These minimalistic arrow and arrowhead designs are inspired by tribal body art. These are usually used as a representation of power, strength, or the right sense of direction. You can choose to have a single arrow, or a bunch of arrows clubbed together alongside each other. Black ink is usually the preferred ink for these tattoos, but you can have this done in a combination of different inks in a watercolor pattern. You can get this design done across your forearm, sleeve, or even your back.

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3. Star Tattoos

Star tattoo designLưu

ceydakoc Instagram

Stars, just like roses, are pretty common in the world of tattoos. People get a trail of small stars with outlines and silhouettes, three stars clubbed together, representing the Orion belt, or just a single black star commonly seen on the fingers. A trail of stars looks amazing across the back of your neck, and Orion’s belt will look great on the side of your neck, ribs, chest, or wrist. These tattoos usually serve as a reminder of loved ones who have passed away.

4. Dandelion Flower Tattoos

Dandelion flower tattoo designLưu

gn_23_20 Instagram

As a kid, wasn’t it really fun to hold a dandelion in your hand and blow on it?What better way to capture that childhood memory than get it etched on your skin as asimple flower tattoo? This is a nice tattoo to get on your upper back or across your chest. It will look chic on any woman who wants to make a style statement. It usually hints at a new phase of life that an individual’s destiny takes them to.

5. Font With Little Birds Tattoo

Font with little birds tattoo designLưu

papatyatattooerzurum Instagram

What is simpler than to get words that mean a great deal to you inked on your skin permanently? It could be a quote that has always inspired you, a phrase that describes you to a tee, a word that you connect most with, or just a text that gives you strength and motivation to be the best version of yourself. Not only do these look cool, but they also provide meaning. Just like this tattoo that describes the word “freedom,” combined with its most apt symbol – a bird. You can choose a silhouette or just an outline of a bird to combine with the font in this tattoo.

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6. Music Notes Tattoo

Music notes tattoo designLưu

https://www.instagram.com/tattoobabystuttgart/ Instagram

For music lovers, there’s nothing better than getting cool, simple tattoos depicting their love for music, songs, and all things related that give them a sense of calm. Most such people would choose big and bold statement tattoos that cover their entire body. However, there are many people who are shy and would prefer getting small and precise designs to show off their love for music. A bunch of preferred music notes or just a single note done in black ink would look chic.

7. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoo designLưu

heatherpilapil Instagram

Geometrical tattoo designs have been trending for quite some time now. Some of the most common and vintage geometric tattoos have many religious and spiritual ties, representing the sacred beliefs of the individual. Simple geometric tattoos(like this one) look amazing when done on the back and require minimal effort and time. Many of the features and lines of these tattoos depict the importance of balance and symmetry in one’s life. Not only images, but you can also write short messages or phrases in geometrical line patterns.

8. Cute Penguin Tattoo

Cute penguin tattoo designLưu

hannah_willison_tattoo Instagram

Penguins are symbols of peace and rarity. Though the tattoo is mostly done in all black, you can add colors like white, blue, and yellow to make it look cuter and authentic, like the one shown here. This tattoo is usually a small-sized design but is enough to create a huge impact.

Did You Know?
Singers Sheeran and Harry Styles got matching Pingu tattoos as a symbol of their childhood and love for this popular British cartoon.

9. Small Cross Tattoo

Small cross tattoo designLưu

Goyosway Instagram

Religious fanatics usually use different ways to depict their beliefs, thoughts, and faith. A small and simple cross tattoo design is the most common pattern chosen for the same. People who are highly devoted to Christ choose the cross as a representation of their faith. However, there are some people who believe that having a cross inked will protect them against any negative energy that can come as an obstacle in their lives. Get it done onto your wrist for a minimal yet unique look.

10. Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designLưu

finelinetattooantwerpen Instagram

This is yet another example of an elegant and simple tattoo, wherein you can get a date that holds a special meaning in your heart inked on your skin. It could be an anniversary, a date marking an important life event, or your loved one’s birthday. Roman numerals are usually synonymous with poise, boldness, and elegance. Etching a Roman numeral on your body can give an impression of a graceful personality. It looks best on the back of the neck, the wrist, and the ankle.

11. Flying Paper Plane Tattoo

Flying paper plane tattoo designLưu

witchy.tattoo Instagram

We have all designed planes out of paper, competing with our friends and siblings as to whose flies the highest or whose plane flies at all. It is a lovely and playful memory of the happy days of our lives when we had nothing to worry about. This tattoo is basically a paper plane made with an extension of a wind wave. This is a no-hassle yet trendy tattoo idea for anyone who is in love with cute and simple tattoos.

12. Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoo designLưu

nixietattoo Instagram

Feathers have been around for quite some time now, and they make for some really beautiful simple tattoo designs. You can choose a really pretty bird to go with it, or a string of words, or just the plain old feather. Feathers are symbols of truth, bravery, courage, and freedom. They are usually done in all black, but you can get it done in colors or surround a black image with a watercolor pattern as well. You can sport this design onthe neck or side upper back and flaunt it with a tube top or off-shoulder dress.

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13. Tiny Bird Tattoos

Tiny bird tattoo designLưu

siyeon_tattoo Instagram

This is one of those cute simple tattoos that you can never go wrong with. The outline or silhouette of a tiny bird looks absolutely pleasing. This is definitely a tattoo that you’d want to get, especially if it’s your first time, and you’re nervous about getting a big one. An image of birds flocking together in the sky, throwing caution to the wind, makes your heart feel carefree. This tattoo is a symbol of liberation, independence, and attachment to loved ones.

14. Small Floral Tattoos

Small floral tattoo designLưu

ashleemshar Instagram

These are intricate designs that can look good on any woman, regardless of where they choose to get it done. Flowers symbolize peace, inspiration, and purity. Add in a few branches and make the tattoo a little elaborate. You can use any flower you like –like rose, lotus, sunflower, and marigold – to create an enchanting effect.

15. Small “&” Symbol Tattoo

Symbol tattoo designLưu

merry.jhyun Instagram

This is one of the best examples of small, chic, and simple tattoo designs that will look good on anyone, regardless of their age, gender, or personality. In fact, it might add an extra element of intrigue to your overall personality. An ampersand tattoo is indicative of a person who has great expectations from life and looks forward to every day. Get it done in black ink, designed in bold, italics, and any font you like on your wrist, neck, ankle, or finger.

16. Small Fox Tattoo

Small fox tattoo designLưu

nicoleellisse Instagram

Foxes are known to be cunning, smart, and absolutely wise animals, so it is no surprise that many people choose to get this tattoo inked on their body. Both men and women who have a sense of ambition and wisdom and are absolutely witty would be more inclined to get this tattoo. These can be done as fierce-looking figures or made into really cute and simple tattoosthat are filled with shades of brown and orange.

17. Small Tree Tattoo

Small tree tattoo designLưu

https://www.instagram.com/matanlalo/ Instagram

A tree is a symbol of growth, prosperity, and positivity. Some even think of the shade it provides as a symbol of protection from any obstacles or negative energies in life. This small tree tattoo is an extremely meaningful pattern as well as a very stylish and modern design for you to show off. If you wish to play with the landscape, you can combine trees with simple mountain tattoos to make an interesting tattoo design.

18. Little Heart Tattoo Design

Little heart tattoo designLưu

https://www.instagram.com/sofiagonizzi.tattoo/ Instagram

Probably one of the most common small and simple tattoosis a little heart drawn as an outline or a silhouette filled with any color you like. This tattoo is perfect for when you want a cute and simple tattoo that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your body. It will look good on your wrist, feet, shoulder, or waist. The heart is a symbol of love, romance, and femininity, so it is no surprise that this design is chosen by a lot of women.

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19. Small Anchor Tattoos

Small anchor tattoo designLưu

https://www.instagram.com/tattoodo.pt/ Instagram

Small and simple anchor tattoos inked on your wrist or ankle look amazing. They are commonly seen on sailors, but recently, they are being sported by many teenagers and young adults and are used to symbolize strong roots. Anchors are also supposed to represent composure, stability, hope, and calm in the various adversities of life. Due to such strong representation, anchor tattoos are chosen by women and men alike.

20. Simple Cactus Tattoo

Cactus tattoo designLưu

darksidetattoo_sopot Instagram

The cactus has an entirely different range of meanings, and each one depends on the individual who’s getting it inked. To some, it means protection, warmth, and endurance, and to others, it can represent adaptability and maternal love. On the other hand, if you are someone who has struggled through life and come out a survivor, a cactus can be used to symbolize that too. You can get it done on your fingers, wrist, shoulder, or neck.

21. Simple ‘XOXO’ Love Tattoo

XOXO tattoo designLưu

marisol_tattoos Instagram

‘XOXO’ is fondly used as an abbreviation for the phrase, “hugs and kisses.” It looks absolutely cool and makes for one of the best cute and simple tattoos. It is mostly done as a simple wrist tattoo but can also be sported on your fingers, toes, or ankles. It is really artistic and goes great with any outfit.

22. Meaningful Quotes Tattoo

Meaningful quotes tattoo designLưu

https://www.instagram.com/parveshpatwa12/ Instagram

A tattoo like this done a little up your ankle, on the back of the leg, using words, phrases, or quotes that inspire you, can look absolutely enchanting. You can even get a tattoo of a quote done on your foot. It is a great idea to wear an anklet to make your tattoo stand out. You can use calligraphy to make it look artistic.

23. Cat Tattoo Designs

Cat tattoo designLưu

buoytattooer Instagram

This style is great for someone who is looking to get a small, cute, and simple tattoo to commemorate a loving pet or just their love for cats in general. The cat is drawn using tribal design inspiration and is commonly sported by teenagers. You can choose any look from an angry cat, a clumsy cat, or a wild one, depending on the personality of the wearer.

Stylecraze Says
You can also get the tattoo of the Goddess of cats, Bastet. She is seen as a symbol of protection, sensitivity, and fertility.

24. Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoo designLưu

cuteladymakeup Instagram

This tattoo is very common among people who love to travel, wander, and explore different cities and countries often. Many people use it to symbolize the path they have chosen in life to attain their goals. Thissimple tattoo design can be sported on the chest, sleeves, ankle, or wrists. While compass tattoos are mostly done in black ink, you can add different colors to enhance the beauty.

25. Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoo designLưu

yooroo_tattoo Instagram

This is also a pretty popular as well as cute tattoo idea. You can geta small, simple tattoo of an angel and customize it with any number of embellishments. You can even choose to get a combination tattoo with both angel and devil together or even an angel baby. You can choose to go with a black tattoo outline or get an intricate piece filled with colors. This tattoo looks best on the side of the back, on the wrist, or the sleeve.

26. Sea Creatures Tattoo

Sea creatures tattoo designLưu

studio100tattoo Instagram

People who are fascinated by the vast ocean and every creature that exists in it will definitely want to get this tattoo. You can get small images of creatures, ranging from octopus and seahorses to fish and crabs. They will look beautiful on your fingers, toes, or even your wrist. These creatures usually signify the beauty in diversity.

27. Delicate Dragonfly Tattoo

Delicate dragonfly tattoo designLưu

minkooa Instagram

Dragonflies portray freedom and independence. A trail consisting of a few dragonflies looks amazing on the back or side of the neck. When you add colors to this design, it can give it a more intriguing and realistic appeal. These tattoos are best placed on the forearm, sleeves, or calves.

28. Infinity Heart Tattoo

Infinity heart tattoo designLưu

burrbryce Instagram” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>tittle / Instagram

An infinity heart tattoo combines two different symbols into one. The heart is a symbol of love, whereas the mathematical symbol of infinity means forever. This tattoo symbolizes your infinite love for a special someone. You’ll mostly see them as an outline, clubbed together as a singular pattern, looking absolutely intriguing done in all black ink, or filled with red color inside a black outline. It can be placed on the side of the back, wrist, or the sleeve.

29. Cupcake Finger Tattoo

Cupcake finger tattoo designLưu

marcepanowaink Instagram

Well, who doesn’t like food, right? This is a really goofy tattoo design that is used by most foodies to show their inclination towards desserts, baked products, or food in general. You can get this tattoo on your finger as an outline in black ink, or if you want to show it realistically, add some pink frosting and brown base color for the filling inside.

30. Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Zodiac sign tattoo designLưu

itsmemanonna Instagram

The first thing that comes to mind when most people are on the lookout for a meaningful and simple tattoo design is their zodiac sign. It is seen as a strong choice while also being incredibly popular. If you wish to make it more personal, add embellishments to it, and you are all set. This minimal Capricorn zodiac sign made on the feet, right above the ankle, looks absolutely smashing while taking up close to no space.

31. Artistic Animal Tattoo

Artistic animal tattoo designLưu

jassi.ink Instagram

Animal tattoos are pretty common, and there are a plethora of patterns that you can use to turn these into pretty artistic images. You can make animals using cool geometrical patterns or choose to get birds, insects, or any other creature. These simple geometric tattoos have become an absolute rage in the current season and can be done in any dark ink.

Small and simple tattoo designs seem like the perfect alternative for individuals who want to indulge in body art but do not wish to draw much attention. The advantages of getting small and simple tattoos are that they don’t cost a bomb, will take less effort, and the subsequent pain will be less. In case you change your mind later on, you can easily adapt the tattoo into a new style, and if needed, the removal process will be quick and easy. Minimalistic tattoo designs are the most apt depiction of “less is more.”



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