80+ inspiring matching couple tattoos that represent true love

Getting a matching tattoo with someone else is a huge commitment. Unlike mother-daughter tattoos or sister tattoos, you’ll never know if the relationship with your best friend or a Significant Other is going to last forever.

But if the love is real and this particular person means a lot to you, why not celebrate the connection with matching couple tattoos? Carrying the same stories together is beyond romantic.

Should I get matching couple tattoos?

If you have already made up your mind, you are welcome to skip to the couple tattoo designs. But if you are still considering whether or not to get matching tattoos, here are 5 things to know before getting inked with your Significant Other:

  • Couple tattoos don’t turn a bad relationship around. If you are considering getting inked to save a relationship, you’ll most likely regret it.
  • Choose tattoo designs that mean something to you already. Even if you break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, the tattoo will still be meaningful to you.
  • Getting couple tattoos is a relationship ritual. So make sure both of you are willing to carry it for the rest of your lives.
  • Name tattoos are believed to bring back luck to relationships. So if you can, avoid them.
  • If you treat tattoos as a timeline of life, and the person you tattoo with is a big part of it, go for it.

What are some common couple tattoo ideas?

Below are some common symbols for couples. Keep scrolling and see more couple tattoo ideas.

Matching symbols for Couple tattoos

Couple tattoos for the romantics

Table Of Content

  • Small matching tattoos for couple
  • King and queen couple tattoos
  • Meaningful matching tattoos that tell a story
  • Chic and cute couple tattoos
  • Unique matching couple tattoo ideas
  • Minimalist tattoo ideas for couples
  • Matching love quote tattoos for couples

Note: This post is for inspiration only. Please don’t copy the designs. And go follow these tattoo artists and give them some love:) 

Small couple tattoos

Starting small is a good idea for couples that haven’t tattooed before. Small couple tattoos are just as gorgeous as the big, bold statement tattoos. If you and bae want to keep a low profile, you’ll love these tiny matching couple tattoos.

Matching tattoos for long-distance couples

Long distance relationships are hard. It helps when you have something to hold onto when your sweetheart is not by your side. This cute long distance couple tattoo will be a reminder that love is stronger than the distance.

Matching tattoos for long distance couples

Behind-the-ear dinosaur tattoos

A pair of "Rawesome" behind the ear tattoos for couples by @madmeowmad


Because you are rawesome.

Wine and wine glass tattoos

Cute small tattoos for couples that enjoy a booze by @erik.weiss.bln


Fun Tetris tattoos on the wrist

Tetris matching tattoos by @cerimonial_dezaleon


Bees tattoos for family people

Matching bee tattoos on the arm by @minjiyang_tattooer


Bees stick together throughout their lives. Each member has its duty, and they communicate in their own language. As small as they are, together, they form a functional and unbreakable unity. If you are searching for matching family tattoos, the bee may represent your love for family.

Leaf and sprig

A perfect match of leaf and sprig by @dovmemm


Waves of love wrist tattoos

Waves of love wrist tattoos by @tattooivek


His and hers tattoos for couples

Initial tattoos on the hand by @kikmajk


Nothing says more about your love than tattooing his name on your skin. Just like marriage, you take his last name as yours. These initial tattoos are simple, meaningful, and also perfect for married couples.

Pinky promise anniversary tattoo

Anniversary tattoo by @tattooist_kimria


Anniversary tattoos, just like any couple tattoo, are a way to express love and celebrate the special day. This pinky promise back tattoo has the date of the anniversary on the bottom. It will be a lifetime reminder of how grateful the couple is for the relationship.

You are my better-half

You are my better-half - cute avocado tattoos


Not all couple tattoos have to be sentimental. These avocado tattoos are cute and perfectly on point.

Year of birth tattoos

Year of birth tattoos on the arm


King and queen finger tattoos to empower each other

King and queen finger tattoos


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The moon and sun matching wrist tattoos

The moon and sun matching wrist tattoos by @playground_tat2


King and queen couple tattoos

Nothing screams “relationship goal” better than a king and queen tattoo. If you have found the one that makes you feel powerful and complete, why not show off the pride with these matching king and queen tattoos?

Matching crowns on shoulder

Using the crowns as a symbol makes the couple tattoo unique. It’s also smart to add a date to the design. It can be the date of your first date or your wedding. A small personal touch will make a huge difference.

Matching crowns on shoulder by @@glo_sigagna_art - king and queen tattoo ideas for couples


Husband and wife ring finger tattoos

King and queen matching tattoos by @john_martin_tattoo - crowns on the ring finger


King and Queen matching tattoos on the ribs

King and Queen matching tattoos on the ribs by @m_deu


Superman and Wonder Woman

That’s the modern version of king and queen, right? It’s even better if you and bae are diehard Marvel fans.

The Superman and Wonder Woman tattoos by @revengetattoo66


Meaningful couple tattoos that tell a story

Matching tattoos are a symbol of the bond with your partner.

Do you have a story to tell about your relationship? Find the one that will still be significant 10 years from now. And there you’ll have the perfect couple tattoo design that you won’t regret.

“Better together” pinky promise tattoos

"Better together" pinky promise tattoos by @dolcecristina


Bird and cage tattoos

Some say “forest birds never want a cage” while others argue that “home to me is what a cage is to a bird”. Which one do you agree with?

Bird and cage tattoos by @peace_loves_tattoos


Infinity tattoos for husband and wife

The infinity symbol with initials by @justinkaboutit.tattoo


Matching lighthouse tattoos

“You are my lighthouse when the sun is swallowed by the sea”.

Matching lighthouse tattoos by @ladvtattoos


Love song tattoo

love song tattoos by @blackpearl_tattoo_kasaragod


Always by your side

These matching couple tattoos capture the bittersweetness of a long distance relationship. You may feel empty when you Significant Other is a thousand miles away. But just because you are separated from each other, it doesn’t mean that you are apart.

Long-distance relationship tattoos by @yaranirivera that will make you feel less lonely


Chinese character tattoos for husband and wive

The Chinese character “囍,” means happiness. The word is often seen on traditional Chinese wedding decorations. These bold red Chinese tattoos carry the wishes to extend the joy of the wedding to infinity, making them the perfect husband and wife tattoos.

Matching Chinese character tattoos for newlyweds by @v_tattoo_x_blackwork


His beauty, her beast

Are you a fan of Disney but don’t want your tattoo to be too cartoonish? If so, these abstract outline tattoos of Beauty and the Beast are perfect for you.

Beauty and the Beast matching couple tattoos by @pigment_studio_mielec


Small key finger tattoos

Small key finger tattoos by @angelesinkedu


The orbit tattoos

The orbit tattoos by @redchairoffical - creative and meaningful wrist tattoos for couples


Together, you are the Universe.

Matching bird tattoos on the arm

A healthy relationship makes us strong and empowers us to chase our dreams. If you have found the one, these matching tattoos are the one to honor your love.

Matching bird tattoos on the arm by @ritualpolanco


Astronaut and Space Girl tattoos

One may never know where he belongs before meeting the love of his life. But when he finally does, all the loneliness and suffering will pay off.

Astronaut and Space Girl tattoos by @ilforestierotattoo


Distance is only a number

Distance is only a number - long distance love tattoo by @karincatattoo


From strangers to soulmates

Strangers to soulmates - matching geometric tattoos by miuguuu


Soulmate lettering tattoos on the ankle

Matching soulmate lettering tattoo by @txttoo


Soulmate wrist tattoos for couples

Soulmate script wrist tattoos by @coupletattoo_palma


Cute couple tattoos

It can be difficult to find cute tattoo designs that work on both men and women. So here are some adorable tattoos to give you some ideas.

Chic and cute couple tattoos by @_monsieurgrognon_


Astronaut tattoos for travel couples

“With you, I have the courage to go beyond the sky.” These intricate astronaut tattoos express the love for each other as well as the passion for adventures.

Astronaut tattoos for explorers by @ink_h - cute matching couple tattoo ideas - OurMindfulLife.com


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Tea and teabag tattoos

Tea and teabag tattoos by @ilya_brezinski


Key and lock tattoos for couples

Key and lock matching tattoos by @1srecko


Missing puzzle pieces matching tattoos

Puzzle pieces tattoos by @1srecko


Emoji tattoos for police and firefighter couple

Emoji tattoos for police and firefighter couple by @sinners.cvlt_.tattoo


Flirty lollipop tattoos

Matching lollipop tattoos by @ali.bloom_.tattoo


Take my hand

Take my hand comic tattoos by @minos.g


Moon phase tattoos

Matching moon phase tattoos by @marina.gavadza


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“I love you” “I know”

"I love you" "I know" - tattoos for couples or best friends by @cerimonial_dezaleon


Beauty and the beast Disney tattoos

Beauty and the beast Disney tattoos by @ex_muvesz


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Cute hand heart tattoos

Shape of my heart by @forest_fil


Tinker Bell and Peter Pan wrist tattoos

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell matching tattoos by @ismail_chatzisouleiman


Simple and cute tattoos for lovers

Boy and girl matching tattoos for teenage lovers by @viola_forestink


A bow straight to the heart

A bow straight to the heart by @jello_t


Matching couple tattoos inspired by your favorite moment

Matching couple tattoos inspired by your favorite moment by @handitrip


The Pulp Fiction matching tattoo

The Pulp Fiction matching tattoo by @conlll


A common interest makes a great theme for your matching tattoos. If you are both fans of the classic movie Pulp Fiction, consider these cute tattoos replicating the Mia and Vincent dance as your next ink.

Unique matching couple tattoo ideas

Getting matching tattoos is sacred. And the last thing you’ll want is to have the same tattoos as other love birds. So here are some creative and unique tattoo ideas for couples that have their own stories to tell.

Space-themed matching ink for husband and wife

Unique matching tattoo for couples by @blackentattoo - OurMindfulLife.com


“You are my final destination.”

Oriental matching yin and yang wrist tattoos

Oriental matching yin and yang wrist tattoos by @e.nal_.tattoo


Yin and Yang inner arm tattoos

The Yin-yang mandala tattoos by @culpamiatattoominimal


Matching mandala tattoos on the hands

Matching mandala tattoos on the hands by @7anyamaia


Never apart

Never apart couple tattoos by @oo2tattoo


Chain tattoos are often seen as dark and oppressive. They represent restraint and the loss of freedom. But these two, however are different.

With the two knots locking with each other, the tattoos symbolize the unbreakable relationship of the couple.

Butterfly hand tattoos for soulmates

Butterfly Matching tattoos for couples by @berkantattooart


Floral Sleeve Tattoos

Floral Sleeve Tattoos by @chronicink


Relationships are like flowers, it takes time to nourish so it can blossom.

The love birds wrist tattoos

The love birds wrist tattoos by @robcarvalhoart


Reverse landscape tattoos on the ankle

Matching triangle landscape tattoos for travel couples by @a_r_t_1_2_3_t_a_t_t_o_o


Star Wars tattoos for lovers

Matching Star Wars tattoos for couples by @stefanitattoo


Obsessed with Star Wars? Get Han Solo and Princess Leia​ inked is the best way to showcase the craze and unwavering love for each other.

The Hamsa tattoos

The Hamsa tattoos by @toiatattoo

Image from @toiatattoo

Consider Hamsa if you are looking for a tattoo with meaning. It symbolizes the energy flows in the body from the 5 chakras. In some cultures, however, it represents blessing and strength.

The fingerprinted heart couple tattoos

The fingerprinted heart couple tattoos by @cansuologa

Image from @cansuolga

“Under the same sky” couple tattoos on the arm

“Under the same sky” couple tattoos on the arm by @samkrach

Image from @samkrach

Simple tattoos for minimalist couples

If you are not into complex tattoo design or bold colors, there’s still a way to commemorate your relationship with ink. Take a look at these minimalist tattoo ideas for couples and you may find the one for you.

Four-leaf clover shoulder tattoos

Four leaf clover matching shoulder tattoos by @melpzvc


Four-leaf clovers are rare compared to clovers with three leaves. Therefore, four-leaf clovers represent luck and faith. And matching four-leaf clover tattoos not only tell others how rare your relationship is. They will also bring luck to both of you.

Origami ankle tattoos

Minimalist origami tattoos by @ash.hin

Image from @ash.hin

“Cherish” one-word tattoos

Cherish_meaningful one word tattoo by @5e_tattoo


Sometimes a single word says a million things. If he or she is a keeper, these matching one-word tattoos are the perfect statements.

Connected arrow tattoos

Connected arrow wrist tattoos by @tudor.tatts


Ring finger tattoos

Ring on the finger tattoos by @asy_tattoo

Image from @toiatattoo

Trees tattoos on the back of arm by @intothewildtattoostudio

Image from @intothewildtattoostudio

Straight-line thumb tattoos

Straight-line thumb tattoos by @esher_88

Image from @toiatattoo

Minimalist bracelet tattoos by @jimmyyuen

Image from @jimmyyuen

“Love by the moon, live by the sun”

"Love by the moon, live by the sun" quote tattoos by @tattooist_shinji

Image from @tattooist_shinji

Matching rosemary tattoos

Small leaves tattoos by @zaya

Image from @zaya

Small triangle tattoos for couples

Matching triangle tattoos for couples by @lauradebruyn

Image from @lauradebruyn

Matching Numbers Tattoo

Matching Numbers Tattoos by @quotetattoos

Image from @quotetattoos

Number tattoos are great ideas for new couples. The number can the date of your first date night, first kiss or engagement. And none of you will forget about anniversaries anymore.

The connected finger tattoos

 The connected finger tattoos by @e_bathory

Image from @e_bathory

These tattoos only make sense when they are connected with each other, representing a bond that should never be broken.

It takes great courage to make a permanent mark on the skin. Same with devoting yourself in a relationship.

This matching couple tattoo indicates the strong mutual support you have for each other. And it’s also another way of saying “you make me complete”

The anchor tattoos

The anchor tattoos by @philipphonner

Image from @philipphonner

A matching semicolon tattoos

Matching semicolon tattoos by @1920tattoozhub

Image from @1920tattoozhub

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Matching love quote tattoos for couples

While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, a short quote can be a meaningful statement of love, too. Scroll on to explore some of the best romantic matching love quote tattoos and more quote tattoo ideas for couples.

Always matching wrist tattoos for couples

Always matching wrist tattoos for couples by @riseinktattoo_and_nailart


Love what you do

Love what you do matching quote tattoos by @flowers.tattooist


Forever finger tattoos for couples

Forever finger tattoos for couples by @playground_tat2


You are my soulmate quote tattoos

You are my soulmate quote tattoos by @valmark.ink


Keep your mind. Keep your time

Keep your mind keep your time quote tattoos by @honeybeetattoo


You are my person quote tattoos

My person quote tattoos by @fabian.mendoza.tattoo


Make every day count arm tattoos

Make every day count arm tattoos by @tattooist_neul


You are my last piece quote tattoos

You are my last piece quote tattoos by @g9in_xoxo


You for me, me for you – a quote tattoo for couples

You for me, me for you - a quote tattoo for couples by @culturacolectivalifestyle


His and hers quote tattoos

His and hers quote tattoo by @jen_marie0702


When the right person enters your life, they take on many roles: a lover, a family, a shelter, and a soulmate. These his and hers tattoos honor the importance of a Significant Other. They are more than a quote on the wrist but also a lifetime promise.

Promise tattoos

“If you promise to stay, I promise to never leave.” A single line quote tattoos can say a million things.

Matching love quote tattoos by @bezowskiart


His only, her one

His and hers wrist tattoos


Another emotional his and hers matching tattoos to consider if you’ve found the keeper.

Infinity tattoos for couples

To infinity and beyond quote tattoo for couples by @feartattoodom


Do you have a favorite love quote that speaks to both of you? It may be a good idea to turn it into a promise that won’t fade away.

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