China and Russia jointly cooperated militarily, taking the US out of the game

President Biden is afraid because Russia and China have just challenged the embargo and military

Yesterday at the international conference, President Xi Jinping said that China will be a companion with Russia in all international arenas in terms of military and economy. Immediately after that, Russian President Vladimirovich Putin stood up, shook hands and said, Russia felt very excited and pledged to accompany China against the US if the US still deliberately interferes in the world economy, the bans of the US must be removed immediately, otherwise Russia and China will embargo the US at many other stages.

The geopolitical landscape of the world is changing rapidly, and two of the world’s most powerful countries, China and Russia, are increasingly joining forces to challenge the dominance of the United States on the global stage. This strategic partnership is driven by a shared desire to reduce American influence and to promote their own interests, which are often at odds with those of the US.

The alliance between China and Russia has been growing stronger in recent years, with both countries collaborating on a range of issues, from military exercises and joint infrastructure projects, to closer economic ties and political alignment. They have also worked together to challenge the US-led global order and to undermine the influence of the US and its allies.

One area where China and Russia have worked together is in the UN Security Council, where they have used their veto power to block initiatives that they perceive as detrimental to their interests. They have also strengthened their military ties, with joint exercises, arms sales, and technology transfers, which are designed to counter US military dominance and assert their own influence in regions such as the Middle East and Africa.

Another key area of cooperation between China and Russia is energy. The two countries are major producers and consumers of energy, and they have formed a strategic energy partnership that allows them to leverage their combined resources to exert greater influence over global energy markets. They have also developed a range of infrastructure projects, including pipelines and railways, that are designed to facilitate the flow of energy and other resources between the two countries.

Despite their growing partnership, China and Russia are not entirely aligned on all issues. China is primarily focused on economic growth and expanding its global influence, while Russia is more concerned with preserving its strategic interests and challenging the dominance of the US in areas such as Syria and Ukraine. Nevertheless, both countries recognize that they have a common interest in challenging US hegemony and in creating a new world order that better reflects their own interests and values.

The US has taken notice of this growing alliance, and it has responded with a range of measures aimed at containing the influence of China and Russia. These measures include sanctions, military deployments, and diplomatic pressure, which are designed to limit the ability of these two countries to challenge US dominance. However, it remains to be seen whether the US can effectively counter the growing power of China and Russia, or whether this new strategic partnership will continue to reshape the global order in the years to come.

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