Dangerous games with sharks and tragic endings

In Australia they love animals so they often play adventure games such as taking pictures with sharks, standing in the iron for sharks to attack…
Many rare accidents happened when a man was playing in the heart of the iron when a shark more than 10m long attacked, but this was just one of their pastimes, until the iron bars were bitten. destroyed, the man also sank and could not be rescued when they tried to anger the great white shark.

The second incident in which an actress deliberately posed for a photo with a 3m long white shark followed by a scream in a pool of blood.

The Australian Government has issued a notice banning dangerous game services

At about 10 a.m. on February 10 (local time), police and emergency services in Salt Beach received a report that a man had been attacked by a shark on the beach. Local police said that some surfers and people on the boat rushed to chase the shark, rescue the victim, then bring the man to shore.

The victim was bitten on the back of his thigh by a shark and was given first aid on the shore with a serious wound to his left leg. However, he died at the scene.
Following this incident, the beaches in Kingscliff and Cabarita were closed for 24 hours. Local police forces and biologists are currently monitoring the area.

Local authorities deployed multiple jet skis, drones and helicopters to track down the shark. Authorities spotted the shark from the air and took pictures.
Based on these photos and the bite marks on the man’s body, biologists determined that this was a great white shark about 8m long.

This is the latest fatal shark attack in Australia in 2022. In January, a diver was attacked by a great white shark off the southwest coast of Australia, with no body found. body. In April, a wildlife park employee was killed by a shark attack near the Great Barrier Reef.

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