Dogs are hugging an abandoned baby girl who was abandoned by someone

The probability that a newborn baby will survive, left to fend for itself in the middle of a field, under freezing temperatures late at night; is really null.

Unless a litter of canine creatures, sent like veritable angels, appear on the scene to save the baby from the cruel plans of her evil parents.

The litter of puppies snuggled up to the abandoned baby so in need of love and warmth


As unusual and creepy as it may seem, it was the adorable puppies who, with their body heat, managed to save the baby’s life. They fought with all their might to shelter her during the cold night.

The girl had been abandoned in the most base way in the harsh winter storm, without any clothes and still with the umbilical cord attached. Not even animals are capable of such acts; quite the opposite.

While a (human) mother cornered the fruit of her entrails to death, other puppies together with their canine mother offered her all the protection she needed to save her life, which was hanging by a thread.

According to reports, the baby was found by a stray dog, who with the help of her puppies, held her all night.

The shocking act of abandonment took place in the Chattisgarh province of India.

“Possibly it was the warmth of the cubs and their own mother that kept this newborn alive,” said a local named Premnath.

“Usually the temperature drops a lot at night since it is December. I have to say it’s pure luck that I’m alive,” she added.

In addition, he stressed that although in this case the puppies acted with infinite compassion towards the vulnerable baby, they can sometimes be “hostile, aggressive and even ferocious.”

The baby’s parents had abandoned her in a secluded area of the field on top of a grassy knoll.

Judging the actions of the little girl’s parents, she said that “That’s not being parents, it’s being criminals!” She emphasized harshly.

“It’s a miracle just to find a newborn baby that survives when stray dogs lurk in the dead of night.”

It is clear that without the intervention of the puppies, the fact that the baby fell asleep naked, just a few hours on the grass, in the middle of winter, was synonymous with hypothermia and total tragedy.

She spent the whole night without clothes in the open with the only warmth that the puppies gave her.

When they found her, the little girl was not only alive but in perfect condition.

It would have been his crying for her that alerted some locals who were passing through the area, who informed the Panchayat, a local government agency, who contacted the Police.

Following the incident, a local police officer, Munnalal Patel, revealed how the finding shocked them so much:

“At 11 in the morning, we saw the crying newborn girl lying next to the puppies in our village. We panicked and informed the Department of Health before they took the newborn to the hospital for further control.”

Immediately afterwards, the baby was referred to the Child Line Project after being examined by doctors at a local hospital.

The girl has been baptized as Akanksha.

The authorities are still investigating and looking for the little girl’s parents. According to a police representative, everything indicates that it could be discrimination for being a woman or for being a child out of wedlock.

It is truly disturbing that this type of abandonment at large continues to happen today. Indigence, indolence and ignorance are scourges that should be the priority to be combated by governments. Fortunately, angels with tails and four legs always appear ready to give us the greatest lessons in life. How much to learn!

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