Fissures caused by continental displacement were found yesterday in the US

Yesterday’s earthquake caused the cracks to be thousands of kilometers long, this could be a continental shift

At last they have come, since the old days the continents were formed by geological displacement, since then the great oceans and continents have stood still and shaped life.
Today, the US newspaper reported that the separation of the continents has been detected once again, when the roads of the lands, deserts and mountains have a line stretching thousands of kilometers.

The fissures are long and have depths of up to hundreds of meters. This could be a very large shift, possibly with a further division of continents, which will begin to shift gradually over time.

In California, a major road has been severely cracked, splitting the road in two leading to traffic jams.

Nasa had made a forecast of a continent split in 2022, but by 2023 it had already come true.
But fissures have been formed, earthquakes lasting a few minutes travel from North America to South America and parts of Eurasia.
Turkey or Seria may have been the first countries affected by the divided cities.

America must do something so that the cracks do not affect residential areas.
Nasa has a plan to forecast the next development, currently the information is still kept secret to avoid provocative influence on people’s psychology.

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