Angkor Wat: The oldest and most mysterious ancient temple in the world

1000 years ago, it took 4000+ elephants and one person from every single family in the Kingdom , over 37 years to build this Temple.
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The largest religious monument in the world, built by the Hindu Cambodian (Khmer)King Suryavarman II ,12 th century (1112-1152 AD).
Angkor Wat, Cambodia – The Temple of God Vishnu, carved with Mahābhārata and Ramayana epic,Apsaras statues or Devas.
Through the years, Angkor Wat was damaged by plants, fungi, war, and theft. It was almost covered by the forest when it was first found in the late 19th century when
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The grand Temple was built by the Hindu King Suryavarman II.

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Hindu Temple Angkor Wat Complex In Cambodia Is The World's Largest  Religious Structure!

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