Unconventional Delights: A Papaya with a Buffalo Head, a Strawberry That “Walks,” and a Seductive Radish!

With the funny fruit images below, you will see the very muddy “comedy” nature with “like walking” strawberries, buffalo-headed papaya or “sexy lips” of taro root…

Nature has hundreds of thousands of interesting things, it’s just that you … live long enough to know all those strange and interesting things or not. And if you want to discover the strange and unique things of the world, follow the Unique and Strange column of BlogAnChoi – which collects 102 stories and images from around the world.

In today’s article, BlogAnChoi invites you to admire the “muddy” nature of mother nature when creating extremely funny fruits, fruit and vegetable shapes that are very similar to human faces with all kinds of comedy expression difficult to help.

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