I don’t know exactly what was goin, but this Party looks Epic

At first, I thought that with a kitten, I could reach the pinnacle of life, until I found that my cat was dancing on my bed every night.

It’s upside down, I’m crazy…

How to break?

First of all, you have to understand that you can’t stop the cat from playing disco, but you can adjust the cat’s work and rest time so that he doesn’t play disco during your sleep time. After all, a cat sleeps 16 hours a day, so you can let the cat get into a rhythm where you sleep and he sleeps too. Cats are twilight animals, so they are very active in the early morning and evening. So if your cat has the habit of playing disco on your bedside in the early morning, it must be corrected. He will not give up disco automatically, because this is the nature of kittens.
Generally, the cats that play disco at night are too bored at home during the day and full of sleep, so they have to fight hard at night according to their own temperament.

If you can do the following four points, a set of combined punches, and you can still stick to the cat dancing on the bedside, then it is really a super cat, congratulations, you can only accept your fate.

Use up your cat’s energy.
The cat is tired and unable to jump, this is the fundamental solution. A cat is an animal with good explosive power and relatively low persistence. Of course, it also depends on the type of cat. For example, leopard cats are full of energy, and Persian cats like to lie on their stomachs. For example, for leopard cats, you need to work hard to consume its energy for 30-60 minutes, while Persian cats may not be able to play in 15 minutes. If you really care about dancing, don’t choose a breed with extraordinary energy in the first place. After all, the pets you raise should be in step with your own life. Young cats are more energetic, and older cats may not even bother you to ask him to play disco. However, people who already have cats can only explore effective ways to consume energy according to the habits of their cats. I will tell you that I played with my cat for 20 minutes and it was tired. Are my hands sore?

I personally summarize the experience of teasing cats at home: it is best to play games with cats about an hour before going to bed at night. Use cat teasers/laser pointers to make cats run around the room. They must be able to run fully. Lying down and grabbing toys is not counted until they start to pant. The process of “ambush-acceleration-culling” can be repeated many times until the cat can’t play anymore. But note that if the cat has not got the toy, it will feel frustrated and will not play in the future. Therefore, let the cat catch the toy at the end of each attack, and the cat will bite for a while with satisfaction.

2. Supplement food to reduce the reason why cats call you.

Generally, cats can have an extra meal after hunting games, which is in line with the cat’s “hunting-eating” nature, it will feel very happy, and it will be more willing to play with you in the future. Of course, if your cat is losing weight, then consider how to arrange it as appropriate. Exercise and let the cat eat a meal, it will be more sleepy and comfortable, and it will easily fall asleep. Generally, you will observe that the cat starts to find a good place to lick its fur after eating, and falls asleep after licking. For kittens, it is a day of hard hunting and eating prey, and they can go to sleep contentedly. In addition, as long as it is a cat that does not have the habit of overeating, you can leave some cat food and let it eat freely at night. In this way, the cat will not go to the bedside to dance disco because of hunger.

3. Even if it jumps, ignore it.

If the purpose of its own jumping is to get you to respond, even scolding the cat will be regarded as a kind of feedback. Once there is feedback, the cat will happily toss you. So if you want to let the cat understand that this is a useless situation, then you must firmly ignore it. Endure this torture for a few days, and your troubles may be cured.

4. Transfer the disco position.

If the cat still wants to dance after playing and feeding, then you can only let it go to 785 as far away from you as possible. This kind of situation usually occurs in young cats, and older cats will not sing and sing every night. You can put some toys in the kitchen or the living room where you can’t hear them jumping. I’ll put a ping pong ball in the guest bathroom tub and draw the shower curtain. My Dahei can be high for a long time with a cat inside. If qualified cat friends can try it, it will save worry and effort.

I hope that by playing and feeding with you, you can harvest a kitten that does not dance.

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