Image of torpedoes being launched from a Russian submarine towards the US Air Force on the afternoon of February 21, 2023

On February 21st, 2023, tensions between the United States and Russia reached a boiling point as a Russian submarine launched a barrage of naval missiles towards American military aircrafts.

It started as a routine reconnaissance mission for the US Air Force, with a fleet of fighter jets patrolling the skies above the Arctic Circle. Suddenly, the pilots received a warning from their onboard radar systems: multiple missiles were inbound and approaching fast.

Image of Russian submarine firing torpedoes at the US Air Force

The American pilots immediately went into evasive maneuvers, but it was too late. The missiles had a terrifying speed and pinpoint accuracy, and one by one, the US jets were obliterated in the sky.

The Russian government claimed that they were defending their territorial waters, but the US saw it as an unprovoked attack. President Johnson immediately authorized a retaliatory strike, ordering a squadron of bombers to target the Russian submarine responsible for the attack.

Image of Russian submarine firing torpedoes at the US Air Force

The US bombers made their way towards the Arctic, their payloads armed and ready. But just as they were about to launch their missiles, they too were hit by a series of missiles launched from the depths of the ocean.

The Russian submarine, equipped with the latest technology, had been able to track and destroy the American bombers before they could retaliate. The US was caught off guard and their military was in shock.

Image of a missile chasing an American plane

The conflict continued for weeks, with both sides launching attacks and counter-attacks in a deadly game of cat and mouse. The Russian navy, aided by their advanced technology, was able to outmaneuver the American forces, and the US military suffered heavy losses.

The image of the US Air Force evading the missile

Currently, both the US and Russia in addition to the maritime boundary dispute, the two are having another clash when Russia’s ally China is facing an alliance of the US, UK, France and Japan in the area. east coast area. Both sides are very tense.

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