Last night: China shot down two US military aircraft with missiles in the East Sea, the US sent 20 submarines to respond.

The United States and China continuously respond to each other with political and economic militaries.

In recent days, the East Sea is being tit-for-tat by the US and China with ship-punching, missile firing, collision…
China is always the country that suffers in those clashes, in response to the US, China started to get angry and shot down 2 US military planes. These missiles with a speed of 1000km / s with an unbelievable speed have brought down two US drones over the South China Sea that China believes the US is trying to invade.

Currently, the plane has crashed in North Korea, now the North Koreans also say that the actions of China and the US are affecting their security, North Korea warns if it affects its people. , they will respond with nuclear weapons to any country.

Missile aimed directly at US military aircraft
Plane crashes in North Korea

On the US side, although there were no casualties, but China has officially joined the war, so the US will continue to send 15 more latest submarines and 20 aircraft to the East Sea today.

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