More than 5000 years old crystal sword of King Fernando II found

More than 5000 years old crystal sword of King Fernando II found, this stone is more valuable than diamond

A few years ago Spanish archaeologists found a more than 5000-year-old crystal sword, believed to belong to the first king of Spain, Fernando II.

Experts say it’s the most technically sophisticated ever to be uncovered in Prehistoric Iberia and would have taken enormous skill to carve.
This 5,000-year-old artifact is nearly 8.5 inches long and was found along with 10 arrowheads, four blades and a core for making weapons, all of which were rock crystal.

In the period 5000 years ago, most weapons were made of stone, so it was common for rare gems to be integrated as weapons.
But because it was the type of sword used by the king, archaeologists think it must be a special sword.

It is known that this crystal stone is harder than diamond, its value is 4 times more expensive than a diamond of similar weight.
In the current world, there is no such transparent crystal.
The older these crystals are, the rarer they are, they are only found in ancient tools or in thousands of years old caves.

In addition to weapons, the tomb also contained the bodies of 25 individuals. Several women and one man are believed to have died of poisoning. Their bodies were scattered around the grave, along with offerings including ivory, jewelry, pottery and an ostrich egg.
The swords are currently on display at the Spanish museum, they are estimated to be worth millions of dollars


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