North Korea and South Korea continue to have a conflict, both sides have used missiles

In recent years, tensions between North and South Korea have escalated, with both sides participating in military drills and missile tests in a show of force. This comes as both countries continue to grapple with a longstanding dispute over the Korean peninsula, which has remained divided since the end of World War II.

During the most recent flare-up, both North and South Korea conducted missile tests, each warning that any trespassing on their territory would be met with a swift and severe response. notch. The situation has led many in the region to fear that a minor incident could easily turn into a larger conflict.

North Korea began to fly 50 fighter planes across the sky next to the Korean border, then fired more than 50 missiles to assert its position…

Equally, South Korea also fired 12 missiles from warships to confirm that Korea is not vulnerable just to threaten.

The North Korean government has long insisted that its missile tests are part of a defensive strategy designed to protect the country from external threats. The government also accuses the United States of raising tensions in the region, by conducting military exercises with South Korea and engaging in other provocations.

Meanwhile, the South Korean government has called for restraint, stressing the importance of dialogue and diplomacy in resolving the ongoing conflict. Even so, the country has also engaged in military exercises and missile tests, with officials citing the need to be prepared for any potential threat.

Ongoing tensions between North and South Korea represent a significant threat to regional stability and security. With both sides engaging in increasingly belligerent rhetoric and provocations, the danger of accidental or intentional conflict is always present. It is therefore important that both sides engage in meaningful dialogue and work to find a peaceful resolution of their differences, in order to avoid a potentially catastrophic outcome.


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