Russian warplanes shot down 8 US warships in the East Sea

The Russian Navy defeated 8 US warships in the South China Sea with its elite navy

In a stunning display of naval might, the Russian Navy knocked out eight American warships in the South China Sea with its elite troops. The attack occurred earlier this week after China and the United States had a dispute over the South China Sea. In which, the two-party alliances such as China – Russia confront the US – UK, France, and Japan

The attacks took place in waves, the sea performances of each battle were recorded from reporters on the fronts of countries.

The more advanced S-400 systems were used earlier in the Caucasus-2016 exercises that began on September 5. In this still image, a ship fires a missile at a mock target

It is known that the US has used military aircraft and submarines to puncture many Russian warships, this is Russia’s response to the US in the East Sea to regain its honor on the military battlefield.
It is known that the support of the US and EU alliances will begin to march into the East Sea, the wars will be held far offshore so as not to affect the countries.

These are the countries with the largest economy and bureaucracy in the world, they have also participated in the 2nd world wars, these powerful militaries lack the only country that does not participate, which is Germany.

Germany is a neighbor to Russia and an alliance with Japan, and the EU with Britain and France… so Germany does not want to participate in this war.

The wars are still going on, we will keep you updated, leave a comment to get more information soon.

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