The 4000-year-old remains of mother and daughter in an embracing position

The 4,000-year-old remains of a mother and daughter buried alive by the Mongol king are embracing each other.
And 15 tons of gold in the tomb area

Yesterday, archaeologists found a set of tombs containing more than 6 cellars. It is known that each cellar here is plated with solid gold, only the relatives of the king are buried there.

Especially after excavating those 6 tombs, it was discovered that there was a 7th cellar located 20m away, the inside construction was quite rudimentary, they were only built by stone blocks, according to the DNA test. That baby bone is 99% similar to this king, and the woman next to it is probably a maid who had a child with this king and was murdered.

Currently, the tomb is still in the process of being excavated, according to experts, the gold block inlaid in the tomb is more than 15 tons of pure gold. Jewelry accessories are not included.

Both bodies were cared for in death (the disorderly state of the mother’s ribs suggest that she may have been resting on an organic ‘pillow’), which suggests a belief that the spirit remains with the body.
Illustration: Adam Brockbank

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