The first condoms in history made from goat intestines were found in India. They were in 1200 BC

The first condoms in history made from goat intestines were found in India. They were in 1200 BC

This condom is made with the intestines of a goat, the intestines of a pig…
According to researchers, when the goat’s intestines are still fresh, they are cleaned and then dried to a certain extent, they will become soft and highly elastic, especially when cleaned, they will become soft and elastic. should be thin and hold for a long time.
A condom at that time was used over and over again, just need to be washed and used after 1 week.
This type of condom is used by many people to prevent pregnancy, this is also considered a step forward in human civilization.

For the poorer rural areas, condoms are something very precious, they will almost have to share with each other. The young men in the tribe will be given 1 condom by the patriarch, which they will then have to clean and return, so that one after another will have to use it in turn.


The workers of the National Historical Archive of Toledo found them among the correspondence of the Duke of Béjar, belonging to a period between 1814 and 1830.The workers of the Nobility Section of the National Historical Archive, based in Toledo, have found among the correspondence of the Duke of Béjar two condoms from two centuries ago, made with pigskin.

The director of the Archive of the Nobility, Arantxa Lafuente, explained to Efe that a month and a half ago, when she and her team were doing document description work, a package appeared with the “surprise”. Lafuente, who is studying documents from the Duchy of Béjar belonging to the period from 1814 to 1830, found the package with the two condoms among the duke’s administrative correspondence.

“At first we did not know what it was,” said the historian, who has indicated that they do not know who they belonged to and why they are there, although she has indicated that they were probably “reused” and that they are not something “extraordinary” since that the invention of the condom is attributed to Ancient Egypt.

To affirm this, Lafuente refers to the information extracted from a book from the library of the University of Salamanca where the use of these prophylactics is mentioned, which in past times were made with lamb and pig intestines and included a loop to adapt it. to the penis Although the correspondence in which they have been found does not contain a sender, “they may come from France,” said the person in charge of the Archive of the Nobility, who has ventured that “perhaps their use was something common among wealthy people.”

The historian has explained that her work consists of analyzing the historical material embodied in parchments, but that, as this is an “intimate” matter, there are no written references in any paper or document. Lafuente has not hesitated to affirm that the work he carries out in the National Historical Archive, in the Nobility Section, is very “interesting” and that, on many occasions, like this one, “curious things are discovered.” She has also pointed out that the documents of the Duke of Béjar are property of the State, which acquired them in 1917 due to their historical interest.

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