VIDEO: Anaconda of more than 7 meters attacks truck in MS

VIDEO: Anaconda of more than 7 meters attacks truck in MS
Animal was resting in the middle of the dirt road when the cattleman had the encounter

It was late afternoon, last Friday (12), when rancher Eduardo Jacintho, 38, called the employee to look at the pasture and cattle on the family property, which is on the BR-163 highway, at the height of Km 444, in Campo Grande. However, the encounter with a 7-meter snake left him paralyzed on the road. After a while, the only reaction was to call his wife and ask her to also see the animal, from inside the car.

“I was working when I saw her in the middle of the embankment. I called my family, who were at the headquarters, and asked them to go there too and look. She was quiet, it looked like she had just eaten and stopped there on the road. She’s near a dam and we think she lives around here, as this is the third time we’ve seen her in four years. I find it very difficult to be more than one. She is huge, she is about 7 meters”, said the cattleman.

According to Eduardo, after about 40 minutes waiting for her to leave the place, the solution was to try to continue the trip without hurting her. “She was very quiet, so I decided to go very slowly. But she tried to pounce and it scared me. My wife was filming. At the time, I thought about reversing, but I followed and she tried a new boat. It is a skittish, dangerous animal, our concern is because the children play around there ”, he commented.

In previous years, according to the rancher, the family saw the animal at the dam and admired it. “Every two years it appears. But now the concern is increasing and we intend to get in touch with an environmental agency to find out what we can do, ”he said.

Behind the truck was Eduardo’s wife, Natália Jacintho. When filming the animal, during the scare, she asks her husband to remove his arm, since she had the vehicle window open and her arms exposed. In the late afternoon of the same day, when he finished the job, the cattleman found her again and took another video. “It’s the giant that we always see there”, he concluded.

Colonel Ednilson Queiroz, commander of the Environmental Military Police (PMA), said that the environmental agency should always be activated and only with authorization will the animal be removed from the habitat. “The person makes a request at Imasul [Environment Institute of Mato Grosso do Sul], with a justification for removing the animal. They check how this removal will be done. Analyzing the video, if it went further, I believe it would not attack. It is her boat area”, he concluded.

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