Unbelievable Encounter: When Sheshnag Met an Old Lady on the Banks of the Ganges

When a seven-year-old drowning girl was saved by a self-willed ichhadhari naagin

In a small village, there lived a girl named Radha who was known for her mischievous nature.


She was always up to some kind of mischief and her parents were worried about her. One day, while playing near a pond, Radha fell into the water and started drowning.


Her parents were not around and there was nobody nearby to help her. Radha was struggling to stay afloat when suddenly she saw a strange creature approaching her.


It was a snake, but unlike any snake she had ever seen. The snake had a human-like face and was able to talk. It was an ichhadhari naagin, a mythical creature that can transform into a human.

The ichhadhari naagin asked Radha what had happened and when she found out that the girl was drowning, she decided to help her. The snake transformed itself into a human and jumped into the pond. She managed to pull Radha out of the water and saved her life.

Radha was amazed by what had happened and could not believe her eyes. The ichhadhari naagin then told her that she was not an ordinary snake but a mystical creature that had the power to transform into a human. The snake also warned Radha not to tell anyone about what had happened as it could be dangerous for her.

After that day, Radha started to see the ichhadhari naagin often. The creature would come and visit her and they would spend hours talking. Radha had never had a friend like this before and was grateful for the ichhadhari naagin’s company.

One day, Radha’s parents found out about her friendship with the ichhadhari naagin and were horrified. They warned her that the creature was dangerous and could harm her. But Radha knew that the ichhadhari naagin was her friend and would never harm her.

The story of the ichhadhari naagin and Radha soon spread throughout the village. People were amazed and fascinated by the creature’s ability to transform into a human. Some even started worshipping the snake as a deity.


In conclusion, the story of the ichhadhari naagin and Radha is a fascinating tale of friendship and mythical creatures. The ichhadhari naagin’s selflessness in saving Radha’s life and her friendship with the girl is a reminder that friendship can come from the most unexpected places. This story also highlights the power of myths and legends in our lives, and how they can capture our imaginations and inspire us.


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