A new, custom Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport is on the way, thanks to the guys at trans Am Worldwide, with plenty of options for V8 power.

For many, one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time is the Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport. But the Super Sport is a car we have not seen since the end of the Chevelle in the late 1970s. Well, you may or may not know that the Chevelle Super Sport is making its return.

Just not via Chevrolet officially. thanks to trans Am Worldwide, the Chevelle Super Sport is making a return after they revealed it back in 2022. this is a modern reinterpretation of the Chevrolet classic.

While it brings the classic up to date, it also stays true to that same original Chevelle Super Sport. the styling is absolutely what you would expect if you were somehow asked to imagine a modern version of the Chevelle Super Sport. this is a car that gearheads will be hugely excited about as one of Chevrolet’s greatest cars makes its return.

trans Am Worldwide Brings Back the Iconic ‘Chevelle’trans Am Worldwide

Of course, the biggest thing to note is that the new Chevelle brings back a truly iconic name from Chevrolet’s past. the Chevelle name itself first appeared in the 1964 model year, a year after the production of the car began. the Super Sport version would appear sometime after, and it was an important car for Chevrolet.

It marked their first foray into the muscle car world, competing alongside the likes of the Ford Mustang and Pontiac GtO. the Chevelle in its conventional and Super Sport or SS form became one of the standout parts of Chevrolet’s range in the 1960s and 1970s. And ever since Chevrolet ended its production in 1977, it’s been sorely missed.

So this revival from trans Am Worldwide is going to be hugely welcomed in the gearhead community. It isn’t a full-on Chevrolet factory effort to bring back the Chevelle. But it’s a very faithful reinterpretation of what the Chevelle could look like in the modern world. It’s the retro styling that really helps make this car as special as it is.

the Chevelle Super Sport Features Retro Stylingtrans Am Worldwide

the first thing all of us will be quickly drawn to is the styling. this new version oozes retro styling while also clearly adding a bit of a modern refresh. the muscular stance of the original Chevelle SS is still there, thanks to the twin headlights and the split grille on the front fascia.

the front quarter panels are bulky and swollen, just as you would expect from the classic Chevrolet muscle car. It’s a very strong blend of the original deal and some more modern thinking. It would have been easy for trans Am Worldwide to go too far, either too retro or too modern. But they have maintained a fine balance.

the front fascia is certainly more pronounced and bulky than on the original. there is also less chrome across the car, most notably with the front bumper. there is also a more square-like appearance to the revived model. However, the Chevelle SS uses a modern Chevrolet as its basis, so it’s little wonder that it is not an exact replica. And, of course, design regulations have changed dramatically since the last original Chevelle SS.

Big V8 Power Under the Retro-Modern Chevelle’s Hoodtrans Am Worldwide

the trans Am Worldwide team needed a base car to create their new SS. And that honor befell the struggling Chevrolet Camaro. So if the proportions look familiar, that is why. the Camaro platform, while somewhat dated, is still a strong one. Potentially making it perfect for retro recreation. It packs oodles of power, thanks to the 5.7-liter Lt1 V8 engine, which marks the entry option. this matches the original Chevelle SS with its 450 hp. But there is something even spicier on offer as well.

those who want more power can get an enhanced 6.5-liter V8 package with 900 hp. But that’s not all! It also gets a twin-turbo 7.4-liter LS6/X producing a staggering 1,500 hp. More than 1,000 hp more than the original Chevelle SS. that is certainly a big jump from the original car.

the New Chevelle Super Sport Does Not Come Cheaptrans Am Worldwide

this is certainly a hugely enticing car for many people. But the Chevelle SS will not come cheap. Should you want your hands on the base version of the 2022 Chevelle Super Sport, it will set you back around $150,000 from trans Am. And the 1,500 hp will cost a lot more than that as well.

You can, of course, pick up a great original for a lot less than that. But we figure for many people that the prospect of a new one is going to be simply too enticing. Looking at the new Chevelle Super Sport, we don’t blame people, either.

Source: trans Am Worldwide